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Published: 14th September 2009
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FFmpeg is a multiplatform, open-source software library written in C for video and audio files. For many who searching commands for ffmpeg video and audio conversion I have composed a huge list of Fffmpeg command line command

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Comand line Option of FFmpeg Codec

FFmpeg Main command line options:

-i filename input file name
-y overwrite output files
-t duration set the recording time
-fs limit_size set the limit file size
-hq activate high quality settings
-ss time_off set the start time offset
-itsoffset time_off set the input ts offset
-timestamp time set the timestamp

FFmpeg Video options:
-b bitrate set video bitrate (in kbit/s)
-vframes number set the number of video frames to record
-r rate set frame rate (Hz value, fraction or abbreviation)
-s size set frame size (WxH or abbreviation)
-aspect aspect set aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9 or 1.3333, 1.7777)
-newvideo add a new video stream to the current output stream
-croptop size set top crop band size (in pixels)

Advanced FFmpeg Video options:

-mblmax q max macroblock quantiser scale (VBR)
-qdiff q max difference between the quantiser scale (VBR)
-qblur blur video quantiser scale blur (VBR)
-qsquish squish how to keep quantiser between qmin and qmax (0 = clip, 1 = use differentiable function)
-qcomp compression video quantiser scale compression (VBR)
-b_qfactor factor qp factor between p and b frames
-i_qfactor factor qp factor between p and i frames
-b_qoffset offset qp offset between p and b frames
-i_qoffset offset qp offset between p and i frames
-pix_fmt format set pixel format

-lelim elim single coefficient elimination threshold for luminance (negative values also consider DC coefficient)
-deinterlace deinterlace pictures
-ildct force interlaced dct support in encoder (MPEG2/MPEG4)
-ilme force interlaced me support in encoder (MPEG2/MPEG4)
-vstats dump video coding statistics to file
-vhook module insert video processing module
-aic enable Advanced intra coding (h263+)
-aiv enable Alternative inter vlc (h263+)
-umv enable Unlimited Motion Vector (h263+)
-ssm enable Slice Structured mode (h263+)

-qpel enable 1/4-pel
-intra_matrix matrix specify intra matrix coeffs
-inter_matrix matrix specify inter matrix coeffs
-scan_offset enable SVCD Scan Offset placeholder
-top top=1/bottom=0/auto=-1 field first
-nr noise reduction
-qns quantization noise shaping
-trell enable trellis quantization
-me_range range limit motion vectors range (1023 for DivX player)
-coder coder type
-context context model

Audio options:
{-aframes number set the number of audio frames to record
-vol volume change audio volume (256=normal)
-ab bitrate set audio bitrate (in kbit/s)|
-ac channels set number of audio channels
-an disable audio
-acodec codec force audio codec ('copy' to copy stream)|
-newaudio add a new audio stream to the current output stream
-ar rate set audio sampling rate (in Hz)
-alang code set the ISO 639 language code (3 letters) of the current audio stream|

Advanced FFmpeg Audio options:
-atag fourcc/tag force audio tag/fourcc

Subtitle options:
-scodec codec force subtitle codec ('copy' to copy stream)

FFmpeg Audio/Video grab options:

-tvstd standard set television standard (NTSC, PAL (SECAM))
-ad device set audio device

Advanced FFMPEG Command options:

-b_strategy strategy dynamic b frame selection strategy
-ps size set packet size in bits
-error rate error rate
-map_meta_data outfile:infile set meta data information of outfile from infile
-muxrate rate set mux rate
-packetsize size set packet size
-threads count thread count
-muxdelay seconds set the maximum demux-decode delay
-muxvb bitrate set the video bitrate in mux tag (in kbit/s)

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